The Little Things #010 – Colleagues

In your life, if you are really lucky & if the stars aligned, you’ll meet the best fucking people you’ll ever meet. Maybe you’ll work with them. Maybe they will cross a path in your life when you least expect it.

And man, you better be fucking grateful. When you’re in the moment, you be thinking that “This is it. This is how I want to spend my days. Laughing my ass off at the most ridiculous shit ever.” I hope you savor that, because believe me, it will end someday. Savor the shit out of it.

I loved working. I don’t exactly love my job – c’mon it’s accounting, how much can you really love numbers? But mannn, the people I worked with? They are the fucking best. Sure, they can be tiny little pricks sometimes but, they took the word “colleagues” to a whole new level.

I will miss lunch time, whining about what to eat (to dabao or not?), the horrible smell of fish & truffle, rolling over to each others’ desk, raising eyebrows across the office, the fucking gossips, the pranks, the anger & frustration, the impromptu makeup tutorials and, of course, FLAME ATTACKKKK!!!

The people you work with makes all the difference.

I am beyond grateful to have such great memories.

I don’t like to be all sappy, but I’ll miss you guys. You guys made me so happy these last two years, thanks guys ­čÖé

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The Little Things #006

My office temperature is considered rather cold. My thorax be shaking uncontrollably after 5 minutes. So, what i usually do is wrapped my tiny body with a piece of  cotton wool to keep myself warm. Humans call it sweater or cardigan or something weird like that (honestly, they come up with the fanciest word for the simplest thing, eurgh).

And sometimes when I reached the office, what I really like to do is to sit on my cotton wool to warm it up and then slipped it right on.

Oh, the warmth. So much lovely feelings.

All Snugged Up,


The Little Things #005

It takes an hour to get to my work place, and I like to stare out the window. There is a big lorry with pink wheels on one stop. An old frail human feeding the cats & birds on another stop. A weathervane on a stop further. The community pool filled with tiny humans on the next stop. An unfinished building on the last stop.

I like noticing these familiar things.

Feeling calm,