Pet Peeve #006

I like to stick to a plan. A routine.

So I cannot understand people who likes to messes up my routine & expect me to be okay and dandy to fit in whatever it is that they want me to be doing instead.

That is very wrong. I do not like it at all.

Yes, I am an inflexible person. And I wish to stay that way, please. There, I’ve said it, now piss off.

Excessively Uptight,


The Little Things #001

Though this is mainly a Rant-All-I-Can-Which-Is-Really-A-Lot space, I do enjoy certain things in life.

For example, waking up in the middle of the night and, finding out that I still have a couple of hours before my alarm rings.

Ah, good feeling.

Quite Contented,


Pet Peeve #004

Why do some nosy shitheads thinks that it is absolutely alright and all dandy to say this to your face: – “Hey, you’ve grown fatter haha”.

As if that “haha” makes it aaaalll¬†better.

No. No. It doesn’t.

I am a confident human with a rocking body. Please continue keeping your opinion at the tip of your anus, or more coarsely referred to as buttholes.

Sensibly Miffed,


Pet Peeve #003

You know how sometimes you have to rush home or rush to work? And your emotions are in the “irritated, pissed, provoked” area due to all these rushing? Well, one thing you should take note of is that, there will be another hurdle. Oh yes there is; slow-like-a-motherfucker-piece-of-fat-asses.

Now now, I am not trying to be hurtful or vulgar, oh god no! That is really what they are called, or should be called anyway. I understand if you have 1 leg instead of 2, or if you are rather old or if you have an infant strapped on you. If you do not fall into the stated categories, you are in my kill list. I’m not kidding.

I propose that these group of slow-like-a-motherfucker-piece-of-fat-asses be taken, or more coarsely put – kidnapped, and only let off at night when there no other souls scurrying about.

Exorbitantly Exasperated,