Pet Peeve #017 – Ethics?? Conscience??? What Are Thoseeee??

Let me warn you, my darling faithful readers (more like a reader, ha ha), I am feeling rather exasperated & angry. This post, I promise, will be full of anger & fury & resentment. I probably should feel guilty. But I am not. I am proclaiming, loud & clear, that I absolutely despise my country … Continue reading Pet Peeve #017 – Ethics?? Conscience??? What Are Thoseeee??


Love Lesson 101: Selfie

If you identify as a female, you need to take note. Never, never, I repeat, neverrr, find a mate that takes pictures of himself (in several angle, mind you). He will not be very dependable or nice or fun or anything positive. I am totally generalizing them. These selfie-loving males deserve it. DOWN TO MAN-TAKING-SELFIE!!!! … Continue reading Love Lesson 101: Selfie