Sometimes I wake up & I feel pumped up to start my day. I drink my coffee. I list out the things I need to do today. I get to work & all I could think about is I want to go home & crawl under the comfy leaves and sleep the day away.

I know it is all in the mind.

But it is kind of hard to keep reminding myself that I got this.

Man oh man, what do I do with myself?

Feeling Unguided,


The Little Things #005

It takes an hour to get to my work place, and I like to stare out the window. There is a big lorry with pink wheels on one stop. An old frail human feeding the cats & birds on another stop. A weathervane on a stop further. The community pool filled with tiny humans on the next stop. An unfinished building on the last stop.

I like noticing these familiar things.

Feeling calm,