Pet Peeve #018 – This Way To The Shower, Please

The thing with public transport is that it is very crowded. And the thing with crowd is that everyone stands so close to each other. And the thing with standing at such close proximity is that you can smell each other. And that is the thing that i despise about the most. It's all good … Continue reading Pet Peeve #018 – This Way To The Shower, Please


Love Lesson 101: Smiling Shitheads

Hi there, Please do not fall for someone who easily smiles. There is obviously something fishy about that. C'mon, the world isn't so nice & glorious. What the fuck are you smiling about? What sort of dark secrets are you keeping in your dark, unsmiling soul? You don't fool me. Smiling shitheads are not to … Continue reading Love Lesson 101: Smiling Shitheads