Note to Humans – Tongue Out

My darling, narcissistic humans,

I write today, on behalf of ants all over the world.

We are begging you, for the sake of your future generation, stop sticking out your tongue when talking a “selfie” or a “we-fie” or any sort of picture that involves your face.

It would do yourself a great, great favour.

Also, you look ugly & in need of a particular, ahem, sex organ (i’m cool if you need one, but don’t publicize it okay, humans?).

Significantly Squeamish,


The Little Things #006

My office temperature is considered rather cold. My thorax be shaking uncontrollably after 5 minutes. So, what i usually do is wrapped my tiny body with a piece of  cotton wool to keep myself warm. Humans call it sweater or cardigan or something weird like that (honestly, they come up with the fanciest word for the simplest thing, eurgh).

And sometimes when I reached the office, what I really like to do is to sit on my cotton wool to warm it up and then slipped it right on.

Oh, the warmth. So much lovely feelings.

All Snugged Up,


Love Lesson 101: That Ass

So, I haven’t been updating much. Work have been rather life-consuming at best.

I am an avid listener, and sometimes these people say the dumbest thing. Like honestly. Mostly, they talk about love. In love. Out of love. Searching for love. Giving up on love. You know, that kind of stuff.

I love talking about love. It really is quite interesting. So I thought that from all these stories I heard, I could maybe jot down here what I stereotype from it. Where is the fun if you don’t stereotype, eh? : )

Love Lesson #1: Ladies, do not fall in love with a guy who owns a huge, perky pair of ass. They are strangely annoying and/or vain.

That’ll save you some trouble in finding “THE ONE”

Doctor Love,