Note to Humans – Tongue Out

My darling, narcissistic humans, I write today, on behalf of ants all over the world. We are begging you, for the sake of your future generation, stop sticking out your tongue when talking a "selfie" or a "we-fie" or any sort of picture that involves your face. It would do yourself a great, great favour. … Continue reading Note to Humans – Tongue Out


Pet Peeve #014 – The Existence of Half-Birthdays..

Stop inviting me to your baby ant half-birthdays & birthdays. I do not know him/her. Also, I do not intend on getting to know him/her. Oh, yay. He/She is fluent in gibberish now. Well done. Turning a year older is not such a big deal. C'mon. Riled Up, Sullen