Love Lesson 101: Sacrifice

So, let me recap our last lesson – sweet nothings leads to expectations which eventually will leads to disappointment, heartache, resentment, depression blah blah.

Sacrifice (surprise surprise) leads to expectations which eventually leads to disappointment, heartache, resentment, depression blah blah, you get the idea.

You see, when you sacrifice something, in your head you think you’re the bigger person, you think you’re doing all this selflessly. No. Okay? You’re wrong.

Let me give you an example.

Tom loves Joe. Tom also loves socializing. Joe, not so much. Joe feels insecure. Tom feels that Joe > socializing, so, Tom made the “sacrifice” to cut down the socializing. Do they live happily ever after?

Of course not, this is not a fucking fairytale. In a couple of days/months/years when their love fades a little, Joe starts to stray a little. Joe started a little spicy, thrilling affair with Ben. Tom eventually found out. Tom is sad. Tom starts to think back. Tom thought about the “sacrifice” made. Tom gave up socializing for Joe but, Joe ended breaking Tom’s heart.

There is no relation between sacrificing socializing and unfaithfulness but somehow it managed to make Tom regrets the “sacrifice”.

You see, sacrifice (socializing) = expectations (Joe to remain faithful & forever grateful of the sacrifice) = heartbreaaaakkk. Damn, I’m a fucking scientist.

When you want to sacrifice something, you mustn’t think of it as a sacrifice for the other person. You may not realize it, but, you obviously do it because you want that other person to be feel so grateful, to feel so loved, to feel forever indebted to you & your “sacrifice”.

Always make a sacrifice without the baggage of expectations. Can you continue living if the person let you down despite you sacrificing something dear to you? If you can’t, forget it man, always put you first.