Note to Humans – Be Yourself..Or Not

You know how people today love being their glory self. They love the fact that this "idea" of loving yourself & accepting you for you are sort of becoming popularized in the media. "If they don't accept you for who you are, LEAVE!!!!" Honestly though, this is a great advice. Especially for those suffocating in … Continue reading Note to Humans – Be Yourself..Or Not


Pet Peeve #038 – I’m Only Human

Seriously, stfu. That is not an excuse - "I'm only human. I make mistakes" Seriously, everyone that you're communicating with ARE humans (unless you're a cat lady..). No need to fucking proclaim that you are a fucking (useless) human. Just say "I made a mistake. I'm sorry." There, short and sweet isn't it? My god, … Continue reading Pet Peeve #038 – I’m Only Human

Pet Peeve #036 – Self-depreciating Humour

I love humour. I love love self-depreciating humour. It's quite funny, and sometimes it quells the uncomfortable awkwardness. It's a pretty good tool for your self-confidence too. BUT I FUCKING HATE WHEN SOMEONE ABUSES SELF-DEPRECIATING HUMOUR. How this genre of humour works is that, you can only use it once or maybe twice at most. … Continue reading Pet Peeve #036 – Self-depreciating Humour