Pet Peeve #022 – Do Not Fake Happiness

I know it seemed like i had a beef with happiness. But i really don't. I have a beef with people who pretends they are happy. You see, happiness is not like confidence. For confidence, you can adopt the "fake it till you make it" philosophy and it'll work dandy. If you do adopt the … Continue reading Pet Peeve #022 – Do Not Fake Happiness


Pet Peeve #021 – HappyFuckingVibes

It's cool if you're all happy and shit. It really is. If you are able to overcome your sadness with posifuckingtivity, it really is so cool. Good for you man. Well done, good job. 5 fucking stars. But don't, i repeat, don't fucking shove your "happy-vibes-only" philosophy on others (i.e. me). They don't fucking need … Continue reading Pet Peeve #021 – HappyFuckingVibes