Pet Peeve #045: The Wedding Planner


You guys know that movie? Starring Jennifer Lopez & Matthew McConaughey. It is one of my favourite chick flick to watch when I’m bored or feeling down or whatever. I love re-watching feel-good movies. Because duh, it makes me feel good and I know the ending so it’s a pretty safe bet.

So anyway, this movie. It is great. But it is not real life. Or it is what real life shouldn’t be. If you feel like you can relate to this movie not read the rest? A summary (it is not spoiler because this movie is like 16 years ago):

Boy saved girl’s life (i mean c’mon!). Girl attracted to boy. Boy attracted to girl. Boy is engaged. Girl is sad. Boy & girl still flirts anyway. Boy break off engagement to be with girl. And they lived happily ever after.

That is pure cheating. Sure, they did not have sex or kiss even. But uh hello, it is still cheating. It is not that hard to understand. But somehow, in today’s society this is quite a norm. That you can fall for another person while still being together with someone else. I know that these kind of things sometimes just happen. You can’t control your feelings but if you start to feel a certain something towards someone, then you shouldn’t be with your current partner. Because that is unfair. You’re just too pussy to break up because what if the relationship with the new one did not work out? What if the new one isn’t all that you dream her/him to be?

Having a backup in relationship is disgusting. If you like someone new, then go ahead and break up and explore that. Don’t go exploring while still in a relationship. Eurgh. Be a nice human. Nice humans don’t go around cheating (emotional/physical, it doesn’t matter).


Another thing that pisses me off about this movie (as much as I really like it) is that she was about to get married to this other guy. And that guy is perfect. He is nice, he is kind, he is simple, and he obviously loves her without being complicated. But noooo, she have to go for the guy who is supposedly “more interesting or appealing”. I hate that. Why would you do that? And when he cheats on you with someone else, which he prolly will since his feelings changes so fast, you be “Boo-hoo, he wronged me! Boo-hoo, I did not see that coming!” YOU DID SEE IT COMING. HE WAS CHEATING ON HIS FIANCEE WITH YOU. WTF???

Sigh. Girls are so weird. We want the fairytale love stories. But we never ever pick the nice, kind guy because “ew, boring”.

Always go for nice, kind person. Because those are the kind of people you would want to be with for the rest of your life. Common sense guys.

It is not okay to do what Matthew McConaughey or Jennifer Lopez did in the movie. But if you just take this movie at a surface level then oo yeah, great movie! Love it!



The Little Things #011 – Running

I started to enjoy running when I was 15 or 16. Partly because I have nothing else to do, and my parents were pretty strict on my curfew so running is the only way I can get out of my house. Anyway, I am 27 now. More than a decade of running! Don’t think I’ve stuck with something that long ever.

Running got me through so many things.

I remember when I passed this major exams when I was 16. I was so stoked. I got really good grades. Way better than I ever expected. I remember my parents telling me “Oh really? Are you sure? Oh good! You’re lucky, the paper must be easy this year.” I remember feeling pretty down about that. I worked hard for that paper. I am not smart. I had to put in the hard work to get good grades. I remembered I went running that day. And it makes me feel a lot better. Also hell yeah, i passed!!

And then, when I was 19, I sort of failed this other major exams (lots of major exams here in Singapore..). I remembered feeling like a total shit of a failure. I did not exactly fail but the grades I got was not enough to put me in a local university. I worked my ass off for that 3 years. I stayed up late at night. I slept 3-4 hours every day. It was so tiring. And I failed. I remember while walking home, feeling so scared to tell my parents that I failed. I went to the stadium. And I just sat there watching people run for about an hour. Went home, told my parents I failed. My parents did not talk to me for a week. My dad said, “You disappoint me the most.” I remembered I ran a lot that year.

And then, when I was 21 I got into my first real relationship (talk about late bloomer amirite?). It was bad. He pretty much abused me – physically and emotionally. And somehow, I have no idea how to get out of that. I got really depressed. I remembered running a hell lot more during that dark, painful period.

Okay, this wasn’t supposed to be a sad post or pity-party – I threw that party a long time ago, there is no need for that now. Anyway, what I am trying to say is that running is the one thing that got me through a lot of meh situations. I am so grateful I got running.

Running is my first love. Everyone need something they can turn to.

You might have turned my knees into mush, but I will always love you.


Pet Peeve #044: Boundaries?

Look, I am pretty traditional. I don’t see anything wrong with that. Why should I conform to “modern” society. Modern society don’t even know what the fuck they are all about. Please.

So anyway, my peeve is that, why do some people not acknowledge that there are still certain boundaries between a girl and a boy. Yeah, yeah, you’re all modern & shit – a girl and a boy can be friends blah blah yada yada. But, it really got me weirded out. I don’t think it is right or even a good idea to ask a boy or a girl who is attached/engaged/married out. Alone. Together. When you guys are not even that close. You don’t even know her/his favourite colour! What, to catch up? On what? Can’t you just text? Don’t even think about calling, please.

You get me?

Like why would you even do that?

Are you trying to gauge how faithful they are? Or you feel “safe” that they already have a partner so you asking them out is like a “just friends thing” – “He’s attached! We’re just hanging! No biggie!”? Do you even think about how your actions would affect their partner? How would you feel if your partner got asked out? Okay fine, maybe you be okay with that since you are asking all these people out. But some people are different okay? They can interpret this whole thing so wrong.  And you should know that. Don’t just think that everyone thinks like you. Gosh, people can be so unaware.

And c’mon, don’t ask her/him out and say “Hey, is your girlfriend/boyfriend/fiance/wife/husband okay with you hanging out with just me and my vagina/dick?” What are you trying to do? Trying to prove that it is an “innocent meet-up/catch-up?” That you care about how their partner feels? Please. Ew. You make me sick with how fake you are. Don’t try to make them feel like they are not modern/cool enough, or that their partner is so traditional and backwards. Don’t even try that trick man! That is really mean!


Get your manners right, man.

There are rules. Don’t be an asshole.

Follow the fucking rules.

(Of course, I know that sometimes it really is an innocent catch-up. That it really is friends hanging out. There are a million of other possibilities/reasons. I know. I’m not dumb. Just go along with this particular scenarios. Don’t ask so many questions. God.)


Pet Peeve #043: Why aren’t grass chickpeas??

I don’t know man.

I don’t think I’m meant to be an accountant all my life.

But how do I get out of it? Yeah sure, I’m taking my degree in a non-accounting subject but honestly, you know what I really want to do? I want to paint t-shirts. And sell it. And swoon when people wear my t-shirts. I really just want to sit on the floor and paint t-shirts all day. I think that would make me very happy.

But the grass is always greener on the other side, am I right? And, that greener grass might not even pay the bills too. It’s like a really pretty green grass but I can’t actually feed on it. Because I don’t like grass that much. Unless that grass is chickpeas. I would feed on chickpeas. Okay a little off topic, but you know what I mean?

Ah life, you cost so much!

I guess I have to wait for that dream. Soon, Sullen. Soon.

Sullenly Living,


Love Lesson 101: PMS Awareness

What is the key to love & happiness, you might ask? Not PMS, obviously.

I know how tough and weird PMS is.

It creeps on you. It tingles. You feel It in your vein. You don’t even realize It. You try to enjoy your day. You brush It off. It builds up. It is a monster. It feast on your dissatisfaction. It gobbles up your frustration. It grows.

And when It is bigger than yourself, man! It blows on your fucking face, and everyone’s else within a 786 meter radius. And man, can It blow the fuck up! Quite a show, really.

PMS is a funny thing. You only ever realize it after it blows up. You be all “Ohhh, no wonder I was feeling all pissy! It is PMS, not me! I would never do that normally! I wouldn’t have screamed at you for not washing your cup! I wouldn’t have burned all your clothing! I wouldn’t have smashed your PS4! No, no! That’s not me! It’s PMS, darling!”

Nope. Don’t try that bullshit. PMS is you. Don’t try to get out of it. Don’t try to blame it on PMS. If it grows inside you, if you harbour it, if you feel it, that means its you. C’mon now. We are not the kind of humans who push around the blame, am I right? Let’s face up to it, let’s own it, let’s be responsible!

What I am trying to say is, keep track of your PMS. I know it is very hard to control. But you can keep track of it and hence, manage it. Taadaa! Seriously, there are TONS of apps that are made to track your PMS. I mean, PMS is so crazy that people actually developed a tracker! And when you track it, you need to manage it. Don’t just track it, what is the fucking point. The point is to know when is the danger period and try to minimize the destruction it would cause. Be nice, don’t shove your nasty feelings into someone and spoil their day too.

When you know you are nearing your PMS, just be more aware. Be more in control. Take care of what you say and what you do. It is not easy with all those raging fucked up hormones, but just try okay? Just think before you do or say anything. Take a huge deep fucking breath and think, “Hmm, if I scream GO AND FUCKING WASH YOUR FUCKING CUP YOU ASSHOLE, is it too harsh? Hmm yes, he would prolly be angry. Hmm, yes that would start an argument. Hmm, I don’t want to argue, Hmm, okay I’ll ask nicely then”

There you go! Brava! You did it! Cup washed and no argument! Say whaaa! Magic! What a time to be alive!

It really is the key to a happy & stress-free relationship. If you are spouting all these terrible words and accusations and insults and harshness every time your PMS comes by, I don’t think any partner or friend (or anyone, really) can take that in the long-term. Do you want to be alone & be left with your PMS all your life? No you don’t. So take care of your PMS. Pet it and put it to sleep if you can. Feed it sleeping pills. Shush it. Sing it a lullaby. Don’t let it get out of control. Don’t let it blow up. You are stronger than it!

Remember, friends! Words are impactful! They hurt, and they will be remembered. Forever. And Ever.

So, to sum this post up,

  1. PMS is shit
  2. Nobody likes PMS, least of all your friends/family/partner
  3. Track & manage your PMS. It is a responsibility. Be serious about it, goddamit.
  4. Think carefully before you say or do ANYTHING
  5. And lastly, just remember that if you’re feeling really shitty, the first rule is not to make the other person feel shitty too

You will live happily ever after once you conquer this (what fairytales often forgot to include is that all the princesses manage their fucking PMS-es)!

Get your shit together woman.


Dr. Sullen

Pet Peeve #042 – Part-time Degree

Oh man.

I have been wanting to get my degree for the longest time.

But oh man, wtf, working AND studying is not easy

My company is sort of expanding, and I’m doing accounts and I’m supposed to backdate 7 months worth of entries MANUALLY into the software.

I’m not complaining, I quite like this job.

I really want to do a good job.






Okay, done, I’ll prolly get used to it, whatever

Stfu Sullen,