Pet Peeve #017 – Ethics?? Conscience??? What Are Thoseeee??

Let me warn you, my darling faithful readers (more like a reader, ha ha), I am feeling rather exasperated & angry. This post, I promise, will be full of anger & fury & resentment.

I probably should feel guilty. But I am not. I am proclaiming, loud & clear, that I absolutely despise my country & the culture that I am brought up in. An inconsiderate & full of self-centered, greedy cunts ants.

I gew up in a culture where we are spoon-fed literally everything.

Even our history/social studies lessons are honestly, a forgery. We are taught about all these lessons, while conveniently leaving out the dark, dirty secrets. If you sweep the dark, dirty secrets under the carpet, it plainly means that you (you = government) do not admit to your mistakes & atrocity. You think that it is right. You think you can hide it from the public (that you supposedly serve, mind you) You think you can erase the past and create a brighter future for all.

My country government claimed they rule by democracy. Right. Obviously they have not checked the dictionary lately. They think that since they brought us to independence, we owe them. That we should bow to them. Let them take care of us. Who fought for independence? It’s the people. Governments are merely voice of the people, do not treat us like we are your little brainless children. Do not pollute our minds and the minds of our children with false history and forced identity.

The rich & “educated” in this particular country feels that they deserved everything. That when they are born, they own everything that comes along. That they can and should take everything that comes along in their path, without a single consideration of what their actions may caused to the people around them. Sure, they will eventually succeed. Earn all the riches they can, who even cares about a clear conscience anymore right? They are downright unethical, mean, narrow-minded, self-centered piece of shit. Thats what I really think my country brought up.

When a parent lies, their kids would think it is abcolutely fine & dandy to lie. When a government lies, their brainless citizens will think that is right as well. When the government behaves unethically, the citizens will most definitely behaves unethically, unconcerned about the people around them, only caring for their goals, their aims, their dreams.

Fuck these people.

I cannot forsee any positive change in the forseeable future. Even if the government were to cease, it will not matter. The people that will rise to power eventually are taught the same values & morals (hah, what a fucking joke) as the people who toppled. It is rather too late to instill good in this country.

I apologize if I am not able to get my point across, but as I said I am angry. I am so very angry.




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