Pet Peeve #003: Human Turtles EURGH

You know how sometimes you have to rush home or rush to work? And your emotions are in the “irritated, pissed, provoked” area due to all these rushing? Well, one thing you should take note of is that, there will be another hurdle. Oh yes there is; slow-like-a-motherfucker-piece-of-fat-asses.

Now now, I am not trying to be hurtful or vulgar, oh god no! That is really what they are called, or should be called anyway. I understand if you have 1 leg instead of 2, or if you are rather old or if you have an infant strapped on you. If you do not fall into the stated categories, you are in my kill list. I’m not kidding.

I propose that these group of slow-like-a-motherfucker-piece-of-fat-asses be taken, or more coarsely put – kidnapped, and only let off at night when there no other souls scurrying about.

Exorbitantly Exasperated,



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