The Little Things #010 – Colleagues

In your life, if you are really lucky & if the stars aligned, you’ll meet the best fucking people you’ll ever meet. Maybe you’ll work with them. Maybe they will cross a path in your life when you least expect it.

And man, you better be fucking grateful. When you’re in the moment, you be thinking that “This is it. This is how I want to spend my days. Laughing my ass off at the most ridiculous shit ever.” I hope you savor that, because believe me, it will end someday. Savor the shit out of it.

I loved working. I don’t exactly love my job – c’mon it’s accounting, how much can you really love numbers? But mannn, the people I worked with? They are the fucking best. Sure, they can be tiny little pricks sometimes but, they took the word “colleagues” to a whole new level.

I will miss lunch time, whining about what to eat (to dabao or not?), the horrible smell of fish & truffle, rolling over to each others’ desk, raising eyebrows across the office, the fucking gossips, the pranks, the anger & frustration, the impromptu makeup tutorials and, of course, FLAME ATTACKKKK!!!

The people you work with makes all the difference.

I am beyond grateful to have such great memories.

I don’t like to be all sappy, but I’ll miss you guys. You guys made me so happy these last two years, thanks guys 🙂

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Pet Peeve #041 – Dear SMRT

Dear SMRT,

I am very grateful for your service to this country. You’ve progressed our train service so much. Really, I am grateful. But even then, I can’t help but wonder, what is with the recent frequent train breakdowns, the delayed service, the poor ventilation –  I wonder if the reason why these “problems” are so apparent and obvious now is because I am growing older & dissatisfied or, it is just really SMRT’s lack of efficiency? Are you guys stuck in a rut? Do you need help? A ladder? A rope?

I admit that Singaporeans are generally pissy people. We like things a certain way, and if it’s not done, we will get REALLY whiny. Man, we are professional complain-ers. I’m trying my best to not fit in the “typical Singaporean” stereotypes. But, c’mon, help me out here. Show us some transparency, tell us honestly what is the problem, how you are going to tackle it, what is the plan, what is the alternative, just tell us frankly why everything seems to be so wrong with SMRT nowadays. Please understand, I am not mad at SMRT workers/employees/staffs, I know you guys are probably as frustrated as us commuters.

I promise you, a large portion of Singaporeans are understanding and patient. We will listen if you cut all those PR crap and tell us straight up. After all, you are our only train service provider, you got us pretty much wrapped up around your finger. We have got no choice but to be patient. At least give us some sort of an idea of what’s going on, maybe?

Sigh, it’s a little frustrating.



Pet Peeve #040 – Stupid Reviews

When we want to buy a product, we will Google it right?

For reviews, opinions, ratings, pros, cons, etc., etc.

But some people should be banned from ever writing out a review.

A review is suppose to be helpful to the buyer. Not make them angry.

Here’s a perfect example:

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 6.56.27 PM


Wtf is thankkkks?????

Seriously, guys. If you don’t know how to leave a fucking comment/review, then don’t fucking do it.



Note to Humans – Be Yourself..Or Not

You know how people today love being their glory self. They love the fact that this “idea” of loving yourself & accepting you for you are sort of becoming popularized in the media.

“If they don’t accept you for who you are, LEAVE!!!!”

Honestly though, this is a great advice. Especially for those suffocating in a relationship or friendship that’s taking a toll on them. You got to leave when you’re depressed all the time.

There is nothing wrong with loving yourself, being comfortable in your skin, embracing your flaws and weirdness. Being confident, and all that stuff.

But the thing is, people always assumed that they are a good person. They don’t think about their flaws or what they could change about themselves to make them a better person/friend/girlfriend/boyfriend/mother/father etc., etc., you get my point.

They always think, “Aha! This person does not accept my habit of shitting in the living room! I will leave them! Fuck them! This is who I am! I am a woman who shits on her carpet! If they cant accept that, fuck them! Leave is what I’m gonna do!”

You see the problem now?

We are all encouraging each other to love ourselves a little bit more, but we forgot sometimes we can be a really ugly person. We cut queues, we throw our sandwich wrappers by the park bench, we sit at Starbucks even though we did not buy any drinks, we don’t stub out our cigarettes, we are rude, we are mean, we are selfish, we put ourselves first in every single situation, we do not care about how our act will affect the environment or people around us. We do not even think twice that these mindless act we are doing every day of our life is a bad thing – “It’s just me being myself & loving it!”

We are not exactly nice human beings.

Before you jump on the “Loving Myself” train, please, oh dear God, please reflect on your habits & attitude. You might not think it’s a big deal, but it really is. I despise inconsiderateness. Do not be inconsiderate you asshole.

Be yourself, but also improve on yourself, don’t just sit in your puddle of shit & feel that everyone should adapt & love your shit.

Be kinder, be considerate, be a fucking nice human.


Pet Peeve #038 – I’m Only Human

Seriously, stfu.

That is not an excuse – “I’m only human. I make mistakes”

Seriously, everyone that you’re communicating with ARE humans (unless you’re a cat lady..). No need to fucking proclaim that you are a fucking (useless) human.

Just say “I made a mistake. I’m sorry.” There, short and sweet isn’t it?

My god, you are so irritating.


Pet Peeve #037 – Wallow

I am not friends with Wallow.

Wallow does nothing for me.

All he does is take, and take, and take, and take some more. Talk about self-absorb, am I right?

Sometimes Wallow comes by when I am nearing my period. I am vulnerable. He is vicious. I let my guard down, and before I knew it, I am drowning in Wallow.

Wallow is a bastard.

(If you’re confused where I am going with this, it’s in the direction of STOP FUCKING WALLOWING YOURSELF IN YOUR FUCKING SELF-PITY OR ANGER OR SADNESS OR WHATEVER, WAKE THE FUCK UP. Hope that’s clearer.)