Pet Peeve #045: The Wedding Planner


You guys know that movie? Starring Jennifer Lopez & Matthew McConaughey. It is one of my favourite chick flick to watch when I’m bored or feeling down or whatever. I love re-watching feel-good movies. Because duh, it makes me feel good and I know the ending so it’s a pretty safe bet.

So anyway, this movie. It is great. But it is not real life. Or it is what real life shouldn’t be. If you feel like you can relate to this movie not read the rest? A summary (it is not spoiler because this movie is like 16 years ago):

Boy saved girl’s life (i mean c’mon!). Girl attracted to boy. Boy attracted to girl. Boy is engaged. Girl is sad. Boy & girl still flirts anyway. Boy break off engagement to be with girl. And they lived happily ever after.

That is pure cheating. Sure, they did not have sex or kiss even. But uh hello, it is still cheating. It is not that hard to understand. But somehow, in today’s society this is quite a norm. That you can fall for another person while still being together with someone else. I know that these kind of things sometimes just happen. You can’t control your feelings but if you start to feel a certain something towards someone, then you shouldn’t be with your current partner. Because that is unfair. You’re just too pussy to break up because what if the relationship with the new one did not work out? What if the new one isn’t all that you dream her/him to be?

Having a backup in relationship is disgusting. If you like someone new, then go ahead and break up and explore that. Don’t go exploring while still in a relationship. Eurgh. Be a nice human. Nice humans don’t go around cheating (emotional/physical, it doesn’t matter).


Another thing that pisses me off about this movie (as much as I really like it) is that she was about to get married to this other guy. And that guy is perfect. He is nice, he is kind, he is simple, and he obviously loves her without being complicated. But noooo, she have to go for the guy who is supposedly “more interesting or appealing”. I hate that. Why would you do that? And when he cheats on you with someone else, which he prolly will since his feelings changes so fast, you be “Boo-hoo, he wronged me! Boo-hoo, I did not see that coming!” YOU DID SEE IT COMING. HE WAS CHEATING ON HIS FIANCEE WITH YOU. WTF???

Sigh. Girls are so weird. We want the fairytale love stories. But we never ever pick the nice, kind guy because “ew, boring”.

Always go for nice, kind person. Because those are the kind of people you would want to be with for the rest of your life. Common sense guys.

It is not okay to do what Matthew McConaughey or Jennifer Lopez did in the movie. But if you just take this movie at a surface level then oo yeah, great movie! Love it!




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