Pet Peeve #041: Dear SMRT

Dear SMRT,

I am very grateful for your service to this country. You’ve progressed our train service so much. Really, I am grateful. But even then, I can’t help but wonder, what is with the recent frequent train breakdowns, the delayed service, the poor ventilation –  I wonder if the reason why these “problems” are so apparent and obvious now is because I am growing older & dissatisfied or, it is just really SMRT’s lack of efficiency? Are you guys stuck in a rut? Do you need help? A ladder? A rope?

I admit that Singaporeans are generally pissy people. We like things a certain way, and if it’s not done, we will get REALLY whiny. Man, we are professional complain-ers. I’m trying my best to not fit in the “typical Singaporean” stereotypes. But, c’mon, help me out here. Show us some transparency, tell us honestly what is the problem, how you are going to tackle it, what is the plan, what is the alternative, just tell us frankly why everything seems to be so wrong with SMRT nowadays. Please understand, I am not mad at SMRT workers/employees/staffs, I know you guys are probably as frustrated as us commuters.

I promise you, a large portion of Singaporeans are understanding and patient. We will listen if you cut all those PR crap and tell us straight up. After all, you are our only train service provider, you got us pretty much wrapped up around your finger. We have got no choice but to be patient. At least give us some sort of an idea of what’s going on, maybe?

Sigh, it’s a little frustrating.




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