Pet Peeve #032 – Morning Small Talks

So, if you’re an employer. Or maybe a supervisor. Or maybe a team leader or, whatever it is that is your position, when you take the same lift as  your colleague or your team in the morning, what do you say?

Let me tell you what NOT to say.

  1. “Hey good morning! So, did you manage to submit the report yesterday?”
  2. “Oh hi! How are you this morning? Did you get my email yesterday?”
  3. “Good morning! Did you see Steve’s reply?”
  4. “Hi! You’re looking good, oh yeah, by the way, we have a meeting later at 10 am yeah?”

You do not want to talk about work in the lift. In the morning. Just stfu. Seriously, this is good advice I am giving. Just sftu. Smile, nod, say good morning, lie about how good they look, yada yada but that’s it. No more. Do not talk about work. emails, meetings, reports, deadlines etc etc.

It is hard getting up in the morning. It is hard dragging yourself to work. It is hard, okay? They don’t want you to remind them of 8 shitty hours they will be having (with you, especially). They already know it. So, just stfu okay?




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