Note to Humans – The Art of Contentment

Why do we teach our offsprings and friends and companions and whoever to pray for what they want?

We made an impression like as if God is a magician, that if you pray hard enough, you’ll get what you want eventually.

But what if, we belong to a group that never ever get what we prayed for? Must we feel discontent for the rest of our lives for unanswered prayers – “Maybe I’m not good enough..maybe I’m not praying hard enough..maybe maybe maybe”
I think rather than advising a poor, desperate soul to pray for what they want, maybe we should start asking them to pray for whatever it is that lay in their future, they will feel okay about it. Maybe then, they will have a shot at happiness, rather than clinging to that “want”.

Praying for what we want is a bad move. I mean, c’mon, what do we mortals even know what is it that we actually want? Pfft.

Disclaimer: This is not an emotional post. This is a practical as fuck post.



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