Love Lesson 101: Sweet Nothings

Dear Naive Souls,

Do not get taken in by sweet nothings.

Sweet nothings are, by definition, the birth of expectations. And, we all know expectations will lead you to a world of bleakness & heartache.

Sweet nothings are not promises, or vows, or sacred honors meant to be kept till the last dying breathe. No, my darlings, it is nothing. It is empty. It is meaningless. It is worthless. There is nothing to it other than maybe making you feel a little special, a little loved, a little wanted. So don’t count on that wretched sweet nothings, you’re setting yourself for heartbreak – yet again.

I am sure before you found your “soulmate, love of my life, center of my universe, reason I breathe, answers to my prayers” you convinced yourself that you are a smart, independent soul, that you will never again fall for sweet words or empty promises. And here you are, right where you started – broken.

Maybe you tell yourself, “he’s different, he’s serious, he meant what he said, I can feel it, its real this time!“. Really? You can feel it? That’s what happen the last time, remember? You felt too much, it got too real, and you end up crumpled on the ground like a pathetic piece of a dying headless cockroach.

It is but, a temporary burst of euphoria.

Drench yourself in that moment of happiness, but nothing more okay?

Love always,



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