Pet Peeve #023 – Songwriters

When a singer write out a song, it’s usually their deepest emotions/feelings blah blah right? So let me ask you singers out there a question:-

Why are there so many songs saying “I’d die trying for you”, “I’d die for you”, “For you, I’ll take a bullet”, “Bullshitbullshitbullshitbullshit” etc, etc.

I mean seriously.

Are you fucking kidding me?

When you’re singing that bullfuckingshit did you imagine yourself jumping in front of a train? Your body getting hammered so hard, getting sushi-ed underneath that tracks, your brain all smashed up.

Did you imagine yourself looking into the barrel of a gun knowing a bullet is meant for you? Your brains splattered out, the unimaginable pain, blood gushing out.

Did you imagine throwing yourself off a bridge in a busy highway? You’d probably regret it before hitting the ground, cars running over you, there goes your brain again.

And let me be clear, you’re gonna do aaaalllll of this for the love a mere mortal?

Man, you’re full of bullshit.




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