Pet Peeve #022 – Do Not Fake Happiness

I know it seemed like i had a beef with happiness. But i really don’t.

I have a beef with people who pretends they are happy. You see, happiness is not like confidence. For confidence, you can adopt the “fake it till you make it” philosophy and it’ll work dandy. If you do adopt the same fucking philosophy for happiness, you’re just gonna be fucking depressed.

If you’re sad, then be fucking sad. Don’t pretend you’re happy. It is fucking annoying because we all know that when the moon is up and the stars are twinkling, you’ll go to tumblr and start off a text post like, “You know sometimes..I just feel like life is so hard…”

Ha ha, fuck you okay. Just be fucking sad.

Either way you’re a fucking annoying weak ass bitch.

If you stop making your fake happiness or sadness public, I am pretty sure you’ll get over it. Nothing is too hard to get over with, if you put your mind to it. But, you’re weak, so.




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