Pet Peeve #018 – This Way To The Shower, Please

The thing with public transport is that it is very crowded. And the thing with crowd is that everyone stands so close to each other. And the thing with standing at such close proximity is that you can smell each other. And that is the thing that i despise about the most.

It’s all good if the person smells nice or emit no smell at all. That will be good. But everyone knows good things do not happen often. Especially in a crowded public transport full of sweaty, grinding bodies.

You can argue that you should do what YOU feel like doing because it is YOUR life, and tumblr says it is OKAY to be selfish.


It is not okay. It is absolutely not okay to stink and walk around like you fucking own the air. You bathe & put on some perfume not for yourself. It is so that others around you do not puke or faint or die at the atrosity of your fucking stench. Do you really want to be a murderer? DO YOUUUU??

How dare you taint my perfect smelling air.

This is a fucking serious problem, guys.

I need to start a bathing revolution.


Feeling a little Foul,



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